Who knew I was a low level celebrity?

Culinary ArtistryOne of my friends just sent this to me. I’d forgotten I made this comment oh so long ago. If you don’t own Culinary Artistry, and you’re wondering how people cook fabulous food without recipes, pick it up. You won’t be sorry.

“William L. Burge IV, chef: ? “CULINARY ARTISTRY is one of the finest culinary pieces that I know of, not just because of the conversations with the chefs which are great, but more importantly for the lists of food combinations/suggestions. ? As a young cook, they served as a sort of flavor wheel, when I felt that a dish could use just a little something more. ? A must-have for current chefs, aspring chefs, and anyone interested in expanding their palate of usable flavors.”

[source: www.becomingachef.com ]

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