A Few Fast Food Facts

Still taken aback by the lines each time we pass, I noticed this over on the stltoday forums in relation to Wendy’s reopening:

“St. louis is lacking in fast food…”


“St. Louis. Waistlines here are probably as well-rounded as the Gateway Arch, because most menus consist of burgers and beer. The city has the highest ratio of fast-food joints per capita in the survey. Ditto for bars and taverns.”

[Source: 2003 Men’s Fitness Fattest Cities ]

I realize that’s a couple years old, and we’re slightly healthier then we were in 2003, but have that many fast food restaurants gone out of business? I wouldn’t think so.

And check out where the U.S. ranks as a nation for fast food expenditure…

1. United States. … US$148.6 billion (64.8% of top 10 country fast food sales)
2. Japan … $13.9 billion (6.1%)

Wendy’s Frosty Dude

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