10 St. Louis Food(ie) Holiday Gifts

presents3Did you know St. Louis food bloggers have love for you. Well we do, and today we’re all posting our lists of 10 local food gifts.

Here you can find the other participants lists. There’s sure to be some overlap, and it will be fun to see where it occurs:

Find out what to get me after the jump…

Grandpa’s Berry Farm Pecans

Pecans and Walnuts are grown in our area, but never until last weekend had I actually been to one of the farms that produces them. It was then I saw a sign that read “Fresh Cracked Pecans” with a giant arrow pointing down an unfamiliar road. After a couple miles I came across their stand and bought two pounds for less than $7. They are amazingly fresh and delicious.

Go now before they’re gone.

Darrell Craft
3031 Sand Rd.
Edwardsville, IL 62025
(618) 692-4519

4 Seasons Baked Goods – Anything Really

I wanted Agi and Aaron Groff to tell me they sprinkled a little something extra into their snicker doodles, but of course it was just a handful of skill and a lot of butter. From cookies like oatmeal raisin and biscotti, to fruit breads like pumpkin or chocolate zucchini, to less traditional breads like focacia and Alsation beer bread everything they make is wonderful.

Thanks to the Maplewood Winter Market being the Saturday before Christmas, you have the opportunity to be a star when you walk through the door with scrumptious baked goods. Check out their website as well.

Gift Certificate to Niche

How do you get the non-foodie on your gift list to go to the best restaurant in St. Louis? Easy, you give them a gift certificate. Niche is my choice, but maybe there’s some place else you’d rather send them. Either way, I can’t imagine anyone being upset with this one.

Kakao Chocolates

All summer I was leery of buying chocolates because they melt and I never went straight home. But when the temperature dropped for the last couple markets, it was on. My favorite were the red pepper truffles with their definite zip. Not listed on the website, over summer they also made Fleur de Sel Caramels. Although I’ve not had them, that sounds delicious does it not?

I believe they’re another on the attendee list at the Maplewood Winter Market, but you can also check out their website for a special order.

Honey from Esther’s Honey

You’ll definitely have to hit one of the winter markets to get this one, but it’s worth the trip for sure. Just think, you’ll be able to chat it up with the always willing and always fascinating Esther and can ask her questions like, “did you ever think Bill would stop talking?”

She’ll be at the Maplewood Winter Market Saturday December 22.

2007 Schlafly Bourbon Aged Imperial Stout

They say this is like 10% ABV, but if the way I felt after an entire bottle last Saturday was any indication, it’s more like 12-15. With a smell hinting at dark chocolate and oak, it is dark, it is rich, and it just cries out to be paired with a sweet dessert. Perhaps some truffles from Kakao, or chocolate chip cookies from 4 seasons. Last years was great, but this one is even better.

Get it at either Schlafly location or many area liquor and grocery stores.

Centennial Farms Preserves

Every jam, jelly, butter, and preserve Gina makes is fantastic. I am especially a fan of the Peach Jalapeno. It’s great with something simple like buttered toast with eggs, but it’s also a fun addition to pork marinades, or just to smear on pork while it’s grilling.

You can get them at the winter market or at many stores all over town including once again Local Harvest .

Baetje Farms Goat Cheese

Heart shaped because it is made with love, Baetje Farms goat cheese is made in Bloomsdale, MO by Vernonica Baetje. It is the possibly the best chevre I have ever tasted.

You can find it currently at The Wine Merchant.

Goshen Coffee

Any offering will probably be better than what your loved ones are currently drinking, but if you’ve got an espresso machine, it’s all about the beautifully smooth Bona Fide Blend. Great as a drip coffee also, it’s what I’ve been pressing and brewing all week.

Check out the website, buy it at local stores such as Local Harvest, or make the better choice and drive over to Edwardsville so you can also have some 222 Artisan Bakery bread and pastries.

Hinkebein Hills Farm Bacon

For the meat loving carnivore you care to send the very best, it really doesn’t get much better than an attempt to win their love with a fatty slab of delicious bacon.

He’ll be at the Maplewood Farmers Maket, or you can also pick it up from Local Harvest.

And there you have it…I’m a medium if you don’t feel like buying me food.

5 Responses to “10 St. Louis Food(ie) Holiday Gifts”

  1. Alanna Says:

    Great list, Bill, thanks for participating! I especially like the Baetje goat cheese, it is truly spectacular.

    To confirm your (untrue) belief that I know everyone, would you believe that Gina and I went to high school together?! This we did!

  2. Nupur Says:

    My husband is in love with Baetje farms goat cheese. We found it in Soulard.

  3. brooks Says:

    Bill, thanks for the list. It’s been bookmarked so that I can grab some of this stuff for the peeps in my family.

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