Delicious Simplicity


I’m trying to find a picture of Meyer’s Horseradish Mustard because my coworker says it’s awesome and I have no idea what it is.

“meyer’s horseradish mustard” into Google Image Search gave me this pic which tracked back to this post from a food blog run by a woman named Susan called IMMAEATCHU.

Hilarious blog name aside, this is a Niman Ranch Hot Dog wrapped in puff pastry and I have to say it looks awfully tasty. Add to that the fact she knocked back a La Fin Du Monde as its pairing, and I wish I’d been at her house last March with a bottle of Sierra Nevada Stout Mustard in hand. A squirt of that would have knocked it out of the park for sure.

4 Responses to “Delicious Simplicity”

  1. Annie Says:

    you can get something like that at Gus’ Pretzels. Hot dog or Brat wrapped in pretzel….so good.

  2. bb Says:

    yeah, I was just telling my coworkers about those. I can’t eat the whole brat one. I find it a little overwhelming.

  3. Annie Says:

    Simon can eat two. You need to work on your form. :)

  4. susan Says:

    hi there, i wish i was having a la fin du monde right now! those hot dogs were filling.

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