3 Things I Learned Last Night

An American Place LogoWe had a great meal at An American Place last night, and although I will comment on it further when I have recovered, I wanted to make three quick comments.

  1. Duck Testicles are really not a big deal. They have the texture of a soft sausage with its casing removed, and they are wonderfully delicate. If you didn’t tell someone what they were, they would devour them with glee.
  2. Cockscombs I don’t quite get. It doesn’t really taste like much, and has a rubbery texture that I likened to soft liccorice before our server rolled in with the win and called it gummy-bear-like. Yes, yes it was.
  3. Tripe. I hate tripe. I loved Josh’s tripe.. It was the best of the offal we ate last night. I was in utter disbelief.

They’re cooking up some great food at An American Place and it’s sad there were so many available seats on a Thursday.

I have no room to talk on that point, as we’d only eaten there four times previously, but we’ll definitley be doing our best to go a little more frequently than before.

And man, that is such a beautiful restaurant.

Top Gear

Clearly food is my thing, so when one of my newly favorite TV shows Top Gear hinted at the fact that the star of one of my other favorite TV shows had been on, I went in search of the footage in the one place I knew it would be.

And of course I found it.

Top Gear by the way is one of the funniest shows I have ever seen in my life, and the other fav is specifically the UK Kitchen Nightmares.


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Del-Monico Diner

As I sort through some photos, I realized I’d taken a few I forgot about.

So, in case anyone was curious about the extent of the Del-Monico Diner menu, never being able to get them to give me a to-go menu as they were continuously out, I snapped a picture of the menu along with a few others of my eats.

I think on Flickr you’ll be able to make the menu HUGE! if you can’t read it on the pop up.


Missouri State Championship BBQ

Here’s another event that came to my attention today, and for once it’s in my neck of the woods. ribs
Teams from at least four states will be coming for a Missouri State Championship title!
The North County Optimist Club is bringing everyone together this spring to raise some money for the Childhood Cancer Campaign by putting on a Missouri State Championship BBQ event.

They will also have “BBQ legend William Billy Bones Wall,” apparently “one of the true legends of BBQ…to share some of his expert knowledge.”

Further information about rules, how to enter, and the currently entered teams can be found on their website as well as specifics on what Billy Bones will be discussing and at what times throughout the weekend.

March 28-29 2008
The parking lot at St. Louis Mills shopping mall in Hazelwood between Cabela’s and Bed Bath and Beyond.

Apparently one of the teams that entered, Quau from Brimfield, IL, is one of the best BBQ teams in the country.

King Corn @ The History Museum

If you missed your shot to see King Corn last year, fret not, the St. Louis History Museum will be showing it March 13.

You can read the full event details on the history museum’s meetup.com page, but here’s the abbridged version:

King Corn Poster
What: Showing of the Documentary King Corn followed by a “panel discussion with the Kelly Twins, Trailnet, Whole Foods & MO Rural”

Prior to showing the film there will also be “information tables and tasting,” but of what I do not know.

Commodity corn maybe?

[Edit: See the comments…Companion will be there with food.]

When: Thursday, March 13, 2008 at 7:00 PM
Where: St. Louis History Museum in Forest Park

What’s the worst thing you’ve ever eaten?

To the forum with your answer.

Questionable Foods

Unable to be a ringer on your Convivial Pursuit team, I and a few others are heading over to Mike’s house Saturday to act as guinnea pigs for a test run of the questions.

Kimberly Henricks — Slow Food Member, blogger, and I think friend of Cupcake Grand Champion Stef has vowed to make The Cupcake Projects Beer Cheese Cupcakes with Bacon Cheddar Cream Cheese Frosting.


I am terrified at the prospect of eating a sugary, cheesy cupcake topped with bacon, but at the same time it will be a part of this weeks personal food challenge.

Namely, which will I enjoy more?

  1. Joshua Galliano’s offal tasting at An American Place including common offal like tripe and not so common offal like the duck testicles (which they say has a texture like sausage).
  2. The Bacon Cheese Cupcakes

We will see.

222 Baking Class

[flickr align=”right” style=”padding-left: 10px;”]photo:2226152172(small)[/flickr]Former Edwardsvillian Webdesigner Bill Klingensmith of myDarndest was recently in town and made some updates to the Goshen Coffee/222 Artisan Bakery website in the form of adding a blog.

The first post went up last week, and for the high-rolling wanna-be-baker, Matt Herren and 222’s new(ish) head baker Paula will be teach some classes for the adoring public.

So for years now people have been asking me to teach them to make bread. I have always grumbled about “some day” and “when I have time” Well the time is now! Paula our head baker has been inspiring me, and freeing up some time for me as well, and we are going to offer a class…it’s going to be two weekends from 2-5 each Saturday.

They’re only taking six people so head to the blog for more details if interested.

Paula by the way is the one responsible for all the braided loaves they’ve been turning out lately as well as some of the new varieties like chocolate pomegranate.

[As a side note, Bill did this website for South Wedge Farmes’ Market in Rochester, NY (where he now lives), and it’s pretty slick considering he used the same CMS I do for stlbites.]

Liquid Feed

For the cattle farmer, times are tough.

“I can’t afford commercial feeds,” says cattle farmer Austin Tipton.

So Tipton feeds his 500 head of cattle a liquid based feed, which is actually a leftover of the ethanol making process.

[Feed Prices Have Farmers Looking for Alternatives]

I’ve no idea what this is. It just sounds wrong though.

Also, I’m sure I’m oversimplifying this immensely, but every time I see a news story like this I think to myself: so we’re creating a renewable fuel to save the environment, but destroying our food, and realistically our land, in the process?



No matter how many times I see this sign, or hear the name of the restaurant and when they’re opening, I think the following two things.

  1. Damn that’s clever even if it is painfully obvious.
  2. Why the hell didn’t I think of that? I mean come on…pizza across from The Pageant…even it it turns out to just be just okay they’re going to rake money in hand over fist–especially when you factor in the fact that you can take basically any food into The Pageant.