Everything Should Taste Like Bacon

baconsaltOr at least that’s what Justin and Dave think, and proving that there are some things you just can’t make up,

Bacon salt is a zero calorie, vegetarian, Kosher certified seasoning salt that makes everything taste like real bacon.

That’s kind of like taking the bacon out of bacon isn’t it?

It comes in Original, Hickory, and Peppered Bacon.

Here’s the obligatory link to a review of said Bacon Salt.

And here is a link to the Bacon Salt Blog which is actually pretty hilarious and will tip you off to other great victories in bacon-themed products like bacon-flavored mints.

7 Responses to “Everything Should Taste Like Bacon”

  1. Annie Says:

    I want to know the sodium content of this product. I’m sure is astronomical. I’d still rather eat real bacon in moderation than use this stuff.

  2. Ian Froeb Says:

    Aside from the hip marketing concept — and, I guess, size — how is this any different from Bac-o Bits? Or am I missing something?

  3. Mac Says:

    I thought bacon bit were real?


  4. Hogfried Says:

    As I read your bacon bit, I seriously thought about sitting down to a nice bowl of bacon-flavored ice cream. And then I realized I wouldn’t be the first:

  5. bb Says:

    Niche was doing bacon flavored ice cream for a little while locally as well.

    The only weird one I’ve had there, however, was prawn ice cream.

    Also, Michael Symon’s pastry chef at Lola has some sort of bacon ice cream maple something or other.

  6. Annie Says:

    First, Ian, bacon bits have calories!! This is toting to be a diet food (?????) Bacon bits adds on calories!!!

    Second, I had bacon ice cream at Niche before. It was goooooood.

    For the record, i don’t like bacon bits and I don’t think I’d like bacon salt. I like BACON. And I have the ham hocks to prove it. Why do you think I go to spinning class??? For the fun of it…NO…b’c I love bacon.

  7. Kathy Becker Says:

    Kosher bacon flavoring? That’s just wrong.

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