Hop Alley?

Sorry, Bill, I can’t get behind this one.

I forget which but there is one ballpark that has a small public field on the lot outside the stadium. As anything is better than a pile of mud, they could easily erect something like that for the time being so that things look a little nicer on that stretch of downtown. I’m sure it would cost next to nothing.

And yes, it is food related. There is food at the stadium is there not?

Thomas Keller on Charlie Rose

Does my dad surf the internet too much? Probably, but he did email me this Thomas Keller interview on Charlie Rose last week and I’ll just sum it up with his words “23 minutes…but you’ll want to listen!”


And don’t forget you can stream other food related interviews from the Charlie Rose back catalog as well like

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Local Cook on Hell’s Kitchen

hkchristinaAlthough it’s the one Ramsey show that actually irritates the hell out of me, Hell’s Kitchen is back upon us tomorrow night and with it a local, Christina Machammer, will be hitting the national airwaves.

Josh Galliano gave me the heads up saying that “Christina is from St. Louis and used to work with us at An American Place and she is [now] attending the CIA.”

The winner “will earn a coveted senior chef position at Ramsay’s new restaurant, Gordon Ramsay at the London West Hollywood.”

Congratulations to Christina for getting on the program and for putting up with Ramsey on his most ego-boosting program.

Thank you Bill McClellan

Spot on McClellan column discussing Ballpark Village and how “the tax breaks are going to go to the out-of-town developer who is working with the out-of-town owners of the Cardinals to give large chain restaurants an advantage over locally owned restaurants.”

No, Bill, it is not a good thing.

The Blogging Ball Has Been Dropped

pi restaurantAs I am crazy busy and my free time has not quite pulled together a post on my visits to Pi for now I will just suck it up and say this:

I’d scanned the menu but not gotten around to posting it. But now it doesn’t matter because their site is up and running complete with the menu.

So here’s your weekend task list if you choose to accept it…

  • Go to Pi
  • Order a 5 Day IPA
  • Order the Bucktown
  • (a) Realize that the Bucktown is probably the best pizza you have ever eaten and thank me profusely for telling you to get it but only after thanking the employees of Pi for giving it to you in the first place.
  • (b) Dislike the Bucktown and stop reading my blog forever because you apparently don’t like food.

(well not really, but it’s just so damn good that unless you’re a vegan or part of the Provel Mafia you’d be crazy not to like it)

On Point on Hamburgers

burgerI had a bit of a driveway moment last night as On Point did an hour long history of the hamburger.

It was mostly because the main guest, Josh Ozersky, the “online food editor for New York Magazine and author of the new book The Hamburger: A History was an easy guy to listen to because he approached the subject like you or I would as just some dude that dug a good burger and decided to write about them as apposed to some snobbed up food historian that was trying to over-class a food that is simply soul satisfyingly good when at it’s best.

From his personal choice for the inventor of the hamburger (which is not the 1904 World’s Fair story) to the iconic status surrounding the burger in America they covered quite a bit of ground.  They even included the original Big Mac commercial.

He had some serious Jeopardy-style hamburger knowledge and it seems like his book at only 160 pages would be a quick and interesting read if you were so inclined.

I’m not sure if there’s a podcast but you can stream the show on the On Point website here.

Today’s Lunch

Duck Noodle SoupIn an effort to save face, I took one for the team at lunch and consumed a far greater quantity of food than I ever would have normally. I now feel like I’m going to die.

Chinese Server: “Are you ready to order?”

Me: “Yes, I’d like the roasted duck noodle soup please.”

Chinese Server: “The what?”

Me: “This right here.” [pointing at the menu item]

Chinese Server: “Oh. Are you sure?”

Me: “Should I not be sure?”

Chinese Server: “Well…uh…it’s Chinese…traditional Chinese.”

Me: “That’s fine.”

Chinese Server: “I will bring you chopsticks.” [smirking]

To which they all then laughed at me while I ate the soup because while I can eat noodles with chopsticks, chewy hacked up leg of roasted duck I found to be another story. It was delicious though.

This is my house.

Stephanie and RichardSo far I think this season of Top Chef is the worst. There are no clear favorites and all the overly-arrogant personalities leave me wondering how they even have the jobs they have because some of their resumes are fairly impressive.

I guess being on TV is just a free pass for being a douchebag.

Do not click on if you have not watched Episode 3.

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The Chef Quiz Answer

I forgot to post the people that got the Chef Quiz correct answer from a couple weeks ago.

Annie Lehrer and Kimberly Henricks both answered correctly with cantaloupe.

Health Code Violations on a Curve

healthcodeOne of the most interesting things about trying to find information about a new restaurant or a small ethnic spot is that the City of St. Louis now has all their health inspections online. Often Google turns up the City’s site for these types of places on the first hit and at the very least they almost always make the first page.

Needless to say it’s interesting to plug in the places you like and see how they fare.

You can even play a sort of Health Code Violation game where you pull up restaurants you assume will not have done well. Sometimes it’s a surprise and you find that they actually scored quite well, but other times they scored far lower than you’d ever imagined leaving you a bit uncomfortable when you see what it takes to post a “B” sticker in your window.

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