Dear Whole Foods


Dear Whole Foods,

Although you are practically the symbol of Big Organic, at the end of the day, as much as I don’t want to, I like your stores and the conveniences they provide me.

You see, I like chicken, and while I can appreciate that a chicken has wings, and thighs, and legs, it’s their supple breasts that I desire most in my midweek meals, and as that’s not a cut that’s easy to get from my local farmers without breaking the chickens down myself, I often pick up a breast or two on my visits to your store.

I mention it because while I can appreciate the devotion your meat department shows to their gloves as the workers discard them so sparingly, when they handle the raw meats I will purchasing with their plastic covered hands, type the code into the scales with those same hands, and then proceed to wrap my purchase in butchers paper without having ever removed them, what I get in my palm as we finalize our transaction is a neatly wrapped, meat-juice slathered, package.

It’s not cool, so stop that would you?

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  1. Steve Says:

    Bill, you don’t have long to wait for local pastured chicken breasts. Our first batch of chickens will be processed in three and a half weeks.
    Greenwood Farms
    Newburg, MO

  2. L Says:

    Thanks for the heads up, Bill. I’ll be watching them like a hawk when their new store opens in Town and Country Commons, sometime in mid to late June. Nothing like a little cross-contamination.

  3. Alanna Says:

    Dear Whole Foods,

    And while you’re at it, will you please stop your high-n-mighty we-re-so-superior meat department from sniffing with contempt when a 20-year customer (way back to Greenville Ave days) comes to the counter for a single pound of chicken since the prewrapped packages are always 50-100% bigger? No, I don’t want two pounds of chicken. I want one pound of chicken.

  4. Ian Froeb Says:

    Bought chicken breasts there for the first time since reading this. Sure enough, exactly what you describe here happened. Eww.

  5. Dan D. Says:

    Same happened to me with some ground chuck today. I tried to grab it by an area I didn’t think he touched, and put it in a plastic bag.

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