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erato logoIf you’ve not been paying attention, with three trips in nine days, and probably a dozen so far this year, stlbites has much love for Erato on Main and their entire staff.

But as much as we like the staff it’s Kevin Wilmann’s daily changing menu of whatever looks freshest that keep us addictively trekking back for more; today though we’ll be talking about the one menu that doesn’t change daily.

Doubling as the restaurant’s pastry chef we’ve basically memorized Sous Chef Jon Olson’s dessert menu as he keeps it small almost always having the staples of a chocolate cake with basil ice cream and carrot cake with goat cheese icing.

Mostly this is the result of their kitchen being about the size of my closet. Still, he’s been trying to mix it up recently, and over the weekend served a lemon curd with blackberry tea foam (with I believe preserved lemon rind). The blackberry foam was a subtle flavor to compliment the tartness of the lemon, and while it did need a bit more textural crunch, when asked how he made the curd, he was happy to oblige by sharing the recipe.


Read more about Jon Olson in the print copy of April’s Sauce Magazine.

4 Responses to “ Recipe Exclusive”

  1. Mike Sweeney Says:

    Johnny Style.

  2. Jon Olson Says:

    I had a few beers in me when I wrote that recipe so Im glad I didn’t spell anything wong.

  3. Ellie Says:

    That was so funny, Jon – we all laughed about it for like 10 minutes.

  4. Taking the Edge off E-Ville | - st. louis food blog of bill burge Says:

    […] there are some establishments where my opinion is personally biased. This is one. Jonny “Style” Olson and other members of the Erato staff have become friends of mine because of my […]

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