Urban Slaughter

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Backyard chicken farming being the urban-chic backyard accessory that it has become, there’s been a lot of talk about it recently in the news. And while sure most of these city-farmers are simply vying for eggs while kicking it old school, there is a small segment of backyard-butchers taking up axes and drawing blood.

Some like L.E. Leone, who wrote a piece for Slate (There Will Be Chicken Blood), even enjoy it.

I can vouch for “omnivore.” My brain and my body crave meat with my salad. In fact, I think I might die without it. For sure I’d go crazy. But, personally, I don’t know about “evil.” I’ll own it: There’s a part of me that likes to kill.

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  1. Becky And The Beanstock Says:

    I wouldn’t be opposed to vying for eggs while kicking it old school, but if I’m not wrong, in the city of St. Louis that’s outlawed. Or maybe you can have a magic combination in the city, like one dog, one cat, one chicken and one fish. Strangely, pot bellied pigs are in the clear. Goats, on the other hand, will get you a hefty fine. Trust me, I know…

    Kill em? I couldn’t. It’s hard enough plucking my tomatoes from their life vines. I know, I know…

  2. Bill Burge Says:

    According to Local Harvest–who had someone speak about urban chicken coops–you can have chickens but no roosters in St. Louis City. I believe they said three was the limit.

  3. Sara Says:

    Yes, according to a story by Matt Sorrell in the May issue of Sauce, you can have up to three poultry in the city of St. Louis. You can have a rooster if you want, but you best have nice neighbors!

  4. Chanticleer Says:

    What, no roosters?

    Well, then, no eggs either!

    Every farm kid learned this poem before he started school:

    The big red rooster said to the liitle brown hen,
    “You haven’t laid an egg in God knows when.”
    The little brown hen said to the big red rooster,
    “You don’t come around as often as you ‘uster.’

    And, of course, there’s also this verse from Bob Gibson’s The Super Rooster Song:

    We’ve got some chickens, no eggs would they lay.
    We’ve got some chickens, no eggs would they lay.
    My wife said, “Honey, this isn’t funny. We’re losing money.”
    No eggs would they lay.

    One day a rooster came into our barnyard,
    He caught those chickens right off their guard.
    They’re laying eggs now just like they used to,
    Ever since that rooster came into our yard.

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