Slow Food and Me



Slow Food Snail

As an active member of Slow Food St. Louis, I have a brief spiel when someone asks me what we’re all about which goes something like this:

Slow Food is the opposite of Fast Food. Slow Food is good, clean and fair food.

The idea for Slow Food came from a journalist in Italy, Carlo Petrini. Basically, in 1986, while in Rome, he saw a McDonald’s being built outside the Spanish Steps and thought to himself, obviously enough, “what the hell?” He started an organization called Arcigola at that time, but in 1989 it became Slow Food International when delegates from 15 countries descended upon Paris, France and signed The Slow Food Manifesto.

In the US, when people think of Slow Food, they often think of it as a locavore group and, while it is certainly true that when food is good, clean and fair it is often local, this does not represent the complete picture.

More specifically, local food is often discussed in tandem with Slow Food because many small local farmers have a devotion to growing crop varieties that do not transport well. These foods are good because they make for biodiversity as varieties that would otherwise go more-or-less extinct continue to be grown. They are clean because the methods of production do less damage to our environment by cutting down things like pesticides and transportation costs. And they are fair because the farmers are being paid a living wage for their product.

But Slow Food is more than that…

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Would You Like to Join a Meat Club?

Salume Beddu

Sometimes the most important thing is to keep exciting news to yourself. For example: Saturday Salume Beddu began sign-ups for their Cure Club at Tower Grove Farmers’ Market. I held back because I needed to get my own order in and, with Mark Sanfilippo and his wife Jamie taking just 25 quarterly subscriptions, they’re sure to go fast. Each delivery will include 2-3 whole salumi and upfront cost to you is $20.

I’ve no idea the cost at pickup but, honestly, I didn’t ask because let’s face it, it’s pork and it will be awesome.

RFT Readers’ Poll ’08

It’s that special time of year again when the Riverfront Times is taking votes for their annual readers’ poll and one things for sure: businesses throughout the city can once again vie for a win by pleading shamelessly for you to lean in their favor rather than taking home the win because they actually deserved it.

Here’s to the RFT sleuthing that turns up ballot stuffers.

Atlas Wine Dinner – 2008.09.15

Atlas Restaurant

One thing you have to like about Atlas Restaurant is that they’re utilizing plenty of local product but not incessantly tooting their own horns about it. They’re just doing it because they think it’s the right thing to do.

Still, I was surprised to see Atlas Chef Michael Robert’s at the Maplewood Farmers’ Market Wednesday as I’d not seen him at the market before.  But then maybe it had something to do with scouting for this…

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Strange and Unfortunate Local News

 I’m afraid we will be making the national news for this one.