Degustation of Harlem Wing and Waffle

A guest blog from Erato on Main’s Jonathan “Jonny Style” Olson…

On Thursday I went to the Harlem institution, Wing and Waffle. After a lengthy subway ride and a seven block walk through Harlem I arrived at the vintage orange and white restaurant. Although not yet reviewed by the NYTimes, I could tell this was an up and coming restaurant.

I settled for the two course tasting menu with soda pairings. Apparently the counter staff was unfamiliar with the degustation format because both courses were served at once. Forgoing an amuse or appetizer, I started with my entrée: 2 piece wing/waffle and a beverage pairing of their own uptown orange soda. The chicken was cooked perfectly and had a nice, spicy kick. I could tell the cooks knew what they were doing.  The soda, made with corn syrup, paled in comparison to Fitzes. The star of the plate was the waffles. Gooey on the inside, but soft in the middle, they were waffle perfection. I pondered asking the “chef” if I could do a stage, perhaps taking home the secret of waffle nirvana.

Dessert was a strawberry float, a bit boring. I had seen fresh strawberries at the union square market earlier but I don’t think Wing and Waffle utilizes fresh produce.

Overall I give it twelve thumbs up and recommend it to anyone in NYC.

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  2. black cotton Says:

    “On Thursday I went to the Harlem institution, Wing and Waffle”
    Wing and Waffle is not an Harlem Institution because it has only been in business for 2 years.
    The institution was “Well’s” that served Chicken and Waffles! for a modest price your order consisted of full size waffles(4) with a large chicken breast and COOL JAZZ along with your meal.

  3. kevin Says:

    I dont have anything to say except for thanks for blogging some more.

    I was in McAlester this weekend and had my first Lamb Fries at Pete’s Place. They tasted great!

    Earlier this summer we found a hole in the wall mexican place in Tulsa. The tongue taco was awesome. Tasted like tender more flavorful roast beef.

    Food rules.

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