Farrar Out Farm NPR Update

Andrea Hsu/NPR

The Truemper’s segment from All Things Considered is now online.  You can read their story as well as listen to an audio stream of their segment.

There is also a comments section which I would implore you to read and comment on.  I personally have grown too angry reading the posts to be able to rationally respond.  It bothers me to know that people who have absolutely know idea who Bryan and Christina are–apart from a five minute NPR segment–are making assumptions about who they are as people and how they should run their lives and farm.

Like so many people that buy from them at the Maplewood and Kirkwood markets, I know  them.  I know what good people they are, and I know how hard they work.

2 Responses to “Farrar Out Farm NPR Update”

  1. Dan D. Says:

    Well, I’m not wading into those waters. I don’t get the point of making comments like some of those people have. It’s a terrific story, thanks for pointing it out, I would have otherwise missed it.

  2. Ed Says:

    I only made it through maybe 10 comments myself before I went elsewhere, and I don’t even know the Truempers.

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