Tuesday Only Snow Sale

It’s crappy out, and you know what that means: you can have any seat in any St. Louis restaurant you want. Plus, they’ll treat you like royalty for braving the storm.

Or, you could just grab some groceries on your way home as a couple business owners are slashing prices for Tuesday only Snow Sales

At Local Harvest Grocery…

  • All coffee, 10% off
  • All teas, 10% off
  • Little Pleasures soup mixes, 10% off
  • Hot chocolate mix, 10% off
  • Dogtown Pizza, 10% off
  • All Beer & Wine, 10% off
  • Chicken, beef, and vegetable broths, 10% off
  • Kakao chocolates, 10% off

At Local Harvest Cafe…

  • 12 oz. Coffee, $1.00
  • Cup of Hot Soup, $3.00
  • All sandwiches, 10% off
  • All dinner entrees, 10% off (5pm – 9pm)
  • Schlafly beers, $2/bottle
  • Penescal Tempranillo, $4/glass

At Extra Virgin, an Olive Ovation…

  • 10% off all extra virgin and flavored oils and half off focaccia and olive bread.

Photo courtesy ianturtun via flickr

33 Wine Bar is Officially Sold, Finally

Here it is, the day the rumors have subsided, the news is finally official, and I’m late to the game.  Thing is, I have this thing called a day job.  Courtesy of stlbites.com forum regular Wine Lover, however, the whole website wasn’t without the news that 33 Wine Bar sold thanks to his post congratulating new owner, Jeff Stettner.

For those of you interested in learning more, the full letter in which former owner Jack Hafner broke the news to his customers can be found in Wine Lover’s post.

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Here we go again…

Seriously, will people never learn that this is probably not the best idea?

Wing’n it Sunday

Chicken Wings

If you’re looking to be all locavore with your Super Bowl Sunday hot wings, over the weekend I noticed Local Harvest carries chicken parts from Greenwood Farms.  They had a number of wings left (as the breasts go first) but Greenwood also makes raw milk deliveries to the store every Wednesday so you could probably iron out a delivery of a lot more if that’s the kind of thing you’re into.

Me personally, I got made fun of one Super Bowl while I was in college for baking a French Silk pie instead of watching the game.  I did, however, score a KitchenAid mixer the following Christmas in exchange for a second French silk pie as I’d whipped the first one by hand.  If you’ve never made one, it involves hours of whipping as you add only one egg at a time and then whip for something like fifteen minutes.

Should we care exactly?


While I’m still not convinced anyone should care quite so much about the exact details of everything the Obama’s eat, it would appear, based upon the blogs I read, that millions of Americans do.  It’s been hard to escape the details of today’s inauguration luncheon menu and, with a White House Blog already in full effect blasting out information-age fast news, it seems we’ll probably be hearing a lot about what our 44th President has, is or will be eating.

Like news of his wine cellar for example (though I admit to finding that one interesting).

You’ll have to follow the link if you’re curious to see what they ate yourself but, I do believe I learned something by reading the menu as I’d never seen the term brace before.  I’m assuming it’s another word for duo as it was in reference to a pheasant and duck dish.  If I’m right–and the movie Ratatouille taught us anything–I suspect we’ll soon see it popping up on menus nationwide.

I honestly don’t know though and, if I scoured the internet looking for the true answer, I suppose it would mean I, too, care.


Quickfire: the shitiest possible canned foods somehow made to taste good.
Elimination: the finest of all foods–fresh from the farm–made to taste shity.

What happened to this show?  Seriously?  And when does Tom Colicchio get his soul back?  And how was my culinary man crush duped into being part of this?

What will happen to AAP?

An American PlaceThe second of a one, two punch that began with Josh Galliano leaving An American Place for Monarch, the Renaissance Grand is up for auction.  Couple that with the economy and it has to make you wonder how much longer An American Place will be able to survive.

Monarch Tasting Menu

monarch.jpgI completely forgot about this until I saw a post about it on the forum but, Josh Galliano did recently start a tasting menu up at Monarch.  Of special note, some of the dishes are paired with cocktails from Ted Kilgore.

Though I’ve only experienced cocktail pairings once at Bluestem in Kansas City, non-wine pairings in general seem to be on the rise around the country.  It made for some particularly interesting flavor combinations at Bluestem and, with Kilgore’s bartending chops, I’m glad to see someone doing this locally.

  1. Country Ham Consomme – hamhock ballotine, persillade clams, shaved fennel
  2. Skate Steak – pineapple-basil ravioli, thai long peppercorn cream, jasmine tea (tea infused with ras al hanout to make the sauce)
  3. Rosemary Skewered Sweetbreads – beluga lentils, carrot butter, cilantro – carrot top puree
  4. Braised Lamb Belly – celeriac puree, brussel sprouts, tempura tomato confit
  5. Sweet Potato Pudding Cake – blood orange – szechuan peppercorn jam, blis maple syrup meringue, bacon pain perdu

Goshen Coffee @ Foundation Grounds


And in still more local coffee news, Ian Froeb and Melody Meiners of toastedrav.com reported that Foundation Grounds is now open in Maplewood. Between the two of them they covered most of the W’s (like it’s being Green) except for one: Foundation Grounds is another Missouri notch for Edwardsville’s Goshen Coffee.

Continuing to increase their West-Side presence, their drip and espresso coffees are becoming increasingly easy to find around town as prominent spots like Pi, Winslow’s Home, Local Harvest Cafe, The Good Pie and Niche turn to them for service.

Event: Midwest Regional Barista Competition


In other Kaldi’s Coffee news, don’t forget they are once again hosting the SCAA’s Midwest Regional Barista Competition. Last year’s event, held at Third Degree Glass factory, was a huge success and this year’s is shaping up to be even better. Changing venues to the Soulard Preservation Hall, I’ve heard rumors that several baristas from local shops not represented last year will be competing. For coffeegeeks, this is exciting news, and I’m hoping it will add a new dimension to the local barista pool. However, with the depth of talent at the Crescent Kaldi’s, and two top five performances for them last year, Kaldi’s is still the local shop to beat.

Kaldi’s, however, has a formidable opponent in the PT’s Coffee crew who will once again be rolling in from Topeka, KS. Taking first and third last year, their barista, Pete Licata, took the the top spot before going on to receive second place nationally in the United States Barista Competition. (It seems Pete works for Kaldi’s now) Additionally–though not barista news–another strong showing for them would be like icing on the cake as they were recently named the 2008 Roast Magazine [Macro] Roaster of the Year.

[flickr style=”float:right;”]photo:2258500780(small)[/flickr]

As for the remaining spot in last year’s top five, it went to a barista from one of Kansas City’s top shops, The Roasterie. Like last year, their competitors should be good and relaxed for the event as, even when they aren’t bagging trophies, they prove they know how to ride in style.

Full details on the competition can be found at kaldiscoffee.com, but the general break down of the weekends events is as follows:

  • Friday, January 30, 2009: Round 1: Day 1
  • Saturday, January 31, 2009: Round 1: Day 2
  • Sunday, February 1, 2009: Final Round

After the jump, check out Pete Licata’s winning performance from last year.

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