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In other Kaldi’s Coffee news, don’t forget they are once again hosting the SCAA’s Midwest Regional Barista Competition. Last year’s event, held at Third Degree Glass factory, was a huge success and this year’s is shaping up to be even better. Changing venues to the Soulard Preservation Hall, I’ve heard rumors that several baristas from local shops not represented last year will be competing. For coffeegeeks, this is exciting news, and I’m hoping it will add a new dimension to the local barista pool. However, with the depth of talent at the Crescent Kaldi’s, and two top five performances for them last year, Kaldi’s is still the local shop to beat.

Kaldi’s, however, has a formidable opponent in the PT’s Coffee crew who will once again be rolling in from Topeka, KS. Taking first and third last year, their barista, Pete Licata, took the the top spot before going on to receive second place nationally in the United States Barista Competition. (It seems Pete works for Kaldi’s now) Additionally–though not barista news–another strong showing for them would be like icing on the cake as they were recently named the 2008 Roast Magazine [Macro] Roaster of the Year.

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As for the remaining spot in last year’s top five, it went to a barista from one of Kansas City’s top shops, The Roasterie. Like last year, their competitors should be good and relaxed for the event as, even when they aren’t bagging trophies, they prove they know how to ride in style.

Full details on the competition can be found at kaldiscoffee.com, but the general break down of the weekends events is as follows:

  • Friday, January 30, 2009: Round 1: Day 1
  • Saturday, January 31, 2009: Round 1: Day 2
  • Sunday, February 1, 2009: Final Round

After the jump, check out Pete Licata’s winning performance from last year.

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  1. chris Says:

    Um, Bill… Pete works for Kaldi’s now. He is in hawaii and won’t be rolling into town.

  2. Bill Burge Says:

    Well now. That’s interesting news.

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