Goshen Coffee @ Foundation Grounds


And in still more local coffee news, Ian Froeb and Melody Meiners of toastedrav.com reported that Foundation Grounds is now open in Maplewood. Between the two of them they covered most of the W’s (like it’s being Green) except for one: Foundation Grounds is another Missouri notch for Edwardsville’s Goshen Coffee.

Continuing to increase their West-Side presence, their drip and espresso coffees are becoming increasingly easy to find around town as prominent spots like Pi, Winslow’s Home, Local Harvest Cafe, The Good Pie and Niche turn to them for service.

5 Responses to “Goshen Coffee @ Foundation Grounds”

  1. Julie Says:

    super! just ran out of Goshen coffee this morning, hope they sell it by the bag as well as the cup. Less than a 10 minute walk from home……now if they’d sell 222 breads

  2. Ericstl6 Says:

    Great news! My office is right down Manchester!

  3. Patrick Horine (Local Harvest Cafe) Says:

    I tried their Ethiopian Harrar this morning for the first time. I’m not big on Ethiopian varieties usually, but this was outstanding. It smelled like plums and chocolate when I opened the bag and brewed up nicely. Yum!

  4. dave Says:

    Word is that Sweet Art in the Shaw neighborhood is also slinging Goshen.

  5. Brice Says:

    Nectar of the God’s! Sweet Manna from Heaven! Just what I need and only a block away!

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