Quickfire: the shitiest possible canned foods somehow made to taste good.
Elimination: the finest of all foods–fresh from the farm–made to taste shity.

What happened to this show?  Seriously?  And when does Tom Colicchio get his soul back?  And how was my culinary man crush duped into being part of this?

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  1. Dan D. Says:

    What have been saying all this time about Kansas, man?

    How bad must these Top Chefs be? The last two weeks they’ve essentially been allowed to cook anything they want to, and this last time with some of the very best ingredients available, and so little was impressive.

    I really think Colicchio would have been happy getting rid of six of them. And I nearly cried when I saw what they let Ariane do to that lamb.

  2. Dan D. Says:

    And by the way, the Kansas stuff is a joke. It’s hard to get context in to responses on a blog.

  3. Julie Says:

    that is one serious fat ladened pig…..I got a 1/2 of a 400# tammworth aka bacon pig, sow that had a index finger’s worth of fat running from the spine to the belly….super slicing fat, used it to line pate molds.
    Last week I finished the last of the duroc from 2006, still a great tasting piggy. What’s the word on getting woolies in MO?
    I’ve got connections to mulefoots that’ll be 600# at slaughter, that would be an interesting one to taste.

  4. Patrick Horine Says:

    Do you know where to get a tamworth in Missouri? I only have lines on durocs and berkshires (and milk-fed berkshires). I know of a farm in Arkansas with tamworths, but nothing closer. The mulefoot should be interesting, I’ve never seen any meat from one.

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