Coffee Shops: A Public Debate

Who knew this would be the one to get me to dust off that seldom used computer keyboard?

A response to Brooke Foster’s, Annoyed, Party of One

Brooke (or anyone else for that matter minus the first paragraph),

I know you.  I like you.  Alot actually.  You and your husband, frankly, rock.  You make St. Louis better.  But for the sake of debate (I love to argue) I offer a rebuttal:

First, the parented-by-conservatives in me has never been able to remove myself from the fact that at best, a jumbo super latte is like $6.00.  Having people hang around for 3 hours when they’ve spent $6.00 doesn’t exactly spell “good business practice”.

Second, as an admitted coffee snob, I actually hate shops with this kind of loitering.  Many times I have gone into the Carondelet Kaldi’s to (for once) enjoy my cappuccino “for here.”  Met with an endless sea of MacBook* toting students intent on sipping $6.00 lattes for hours, however, I had to take it “to go.”  I do not blame Kaldi’s for this in any way.  Their Carondelet shop is still the best coffee shop in St. Louis, MO proper, but it is annoying just the same.

Third, I do not know where you live, but I have an idea of where you live.  As I don’t see you patronizing the sewer of St. Louis coffee (MoKabe’s**), I offer to Gut Check readers both Hartford and Shaw’s as possibilities.  If you, in fact, enjoy coffee, Hartford should probably be avoided anyway because they don’t particularly try to make good coffee.  When last I went they had a super-automatic espresso machine.  Though, perhaps, that makes it a good solution to studying and paperwork as there won’t be all those pesky coffee lovers to contend with.

Lastly, the $6 latte is not coffee.  If the $6 latte is your preferred drink of choice–or worse still you like your $6 latte iced–you could just go get yourself a coffee flavored milk shake at Jack In the Box and do your work there.  It’s not a very big fast food restaurant though, so the tables might still be too small to really spread out.

* I tote both a MacBook and an iPhone so I have no room to talk.

** If you’re sitting there thinking, “Fuck that Bill Burge.  He doesn’t know what MoKabe’s does for Gay and Lesbian rights in St. Louis!”  The reality is I do know what they do.  I applaud what they do.  But that doesn’t make their shop any cleaner, or their coffee any better.  As a coffee shop, it still sucks.

Pappy’s Whole Hog

image2050249339.jpgSo there you are thinking, “I’ll go get that delicious whole hog sandwich around three.”

And here I am saying, “the line was to the back door when I got there around 11:30, and it’s out the back door as I’m leaving around 12:30.”

So Rethink that time frame because you don’t want to miss this. Hell, even mayor Slay was here working the photo op.

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