Get it Fresh: Intelligentsia Zirikana @ Whole Foods

Delivered Monday to Whole Foods Brentwood was a Direct Trade Intelligentsia coffee, the Zirikana, Rwanda: Bufcafe, that was roasted 2010.02.04.

Here’s what Intelligentsia has to say about the coffee..

Extremely fruit-forward and sincere. Peach nectar precedes a honeyed mouthfeel and an extended flavor of grape, lime and nectarine. A finish of cacao and walnut frame the experience.

Get it while it’s fresh…and sorry I didn’t mention it sooner.

Note: Because coffee is so much better fresh, I welcome any coffee roaster or merchant of specialty coffee in St. Louis, that has dated roasted products, to email me when you have a freshly roasted coffee.  I will post it for people to snatch up at its best.


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  1. Tim Says:

    Hey Bill! Just wanted to let you know that today was the last day Intelli’s roasting that Rwanda, but I have 5 cases of it fresh roasted just in!

    Also, God in a Cup is an awesome read! I really enjoyed it.

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