Lunch Dilemma?

You’re working from home and it’s lunch time.  Your wife thawed hamburger that needs to be used, but you can’t find a bun.  But, ah, there’s some red wattle applewood-smoked ham.  You can make a sandwich.  But there’s not enough ham for a sandwich.  What do you do?

You make a ham hamburger that’s what you do.  You put it on a toasted English muffin, and you top that bitch with Prairie Breeze cheddar cheese and Chipotle Garlic Jelly from Louisville.


…you also hope everyone else’s monitor is more color-accurate than the right monitor of your two monitor setup.

6 Responses to “Lunch Dilemma?”

  1. Julie Says:

    wow, serious meat Bill….did you make the ham or get it from Farrar Out?

  2. Bill Burge Says:

    I’ve never been very happy with any of the ham from any of the places curing from farmers around here so I cured and smoked it. I’ve actually done three now. The first was from my pig, and I did two more from another pig that was split four ways.

    I’ve got a Greenwood Berkshire ham that I had them bone and net that I’m going to pick up tomorrow and am curious to see how that goes. Slicing after boning was a pain as I’m ultimately using it all for lunch meat. Basically I go about 9 days injected and in brine for a 20lb or so ham, dry it for a day in the fridge, and smoke it for roughly 12 hours with applewood. I’m surprised at how much better it is then most of the ham I’ve ever had without really getting into playing around with it at this point.

  3. vigneron Says:

    injected it with what?

  4. Bill Burge Says:

    A brine of brown sugar, salt, water, and #2 pink salt

  5. chefgirl55 (marianne moore) Says:

    wow… that’s just a beautiful thing!

  6. Julie Says:

    If you’d like I’ll let you know when I have extra hams….many times they are extrainous….shoulders, loins and sometimes heads are top on my list….bellies and hams are generally sold or traded.

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