St. Louis Earth Day Festival This Sunday

While Thursday marked  the 40th year  that people have gathered together to celebrate Earth Day nationally, it’s not till Sunday that you’ll get your big shot to do it St. Louis style in Forest Park. It’s there, on the Muni grounds, that St. Louis has been throwing their Earth Day Festival since 1989.  And if you’re thinking hippy fest of epic proportions, you’d be wrong.  While you might step around a starry eyed dreamer or two, now just about everybody is on the Earth Day wagon because it’s not a political issue, it’s just the right thing to do if you care about the future generations of people that will be inhabiting our planet.

But screw all that, I’ll give you three reasons to attend the 2010 St. Louis Earth Day Festival

  • The dope ass logo to the right will surely make a dope ass t-shirt when you pick one up in pink or brown for just $15.
  • Slow Food St. Louis will once again be manning a booth in the Farmers’ Market where you can either a) say hello and see that I’m actually a swell guy or b) see me in person, tell me how much you hate me, and punch me in the face
  • Prairie Grass Farm Lamb Gyros.  Need I really say more?  You know Dave and Barb Hillebrand from your time at the farmers’ markets.  You know their lamb isn’t just good for St. Louis.  It’s good anywhere. Period. And it’s especially good the few times a year they cut loose and bust out the gyro making mayhem that you do not want to miss.

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