American Fast Food, Harbinger of Weird

I thought I had seen the most disgusting thing that could be done with a White Castle Burger when my wife’s uncle showed up with a puree of Sliders—buns and all—which he attempted to pass off as pate for Thanksgiving.  “Just put it all in the food processor with a little Worcestershire!” he said with a proud smile. I told him to back off the Worcestershire and leave out a couple buns next time.

Anyway, proving that lows can always get lower, White Castle has trumped their fans themselves, and I/we owe George Mahe the Eagle Eye Award for passing it along.  It seems White Castle has created Slider scented candles to benefit…

wait for it…..


Like pineapples at the Soulard Market, one of these things does not belong with the other.

And I leave you with this anecdote: one of Ellie’s coworkers has a son with Autism.  They do not buy beef because the beef in the grocery store, being fed corn and soy, and pumped full of the types of crazy non-deliciousness you’d need to be a scientist to properly pronounce, causes some sort of issue with his Autism.  Not having a child with Autism, or a family member with Autism, I don’t know the specifics, but I have no reason to doubt them,

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  1. Dan D. Says:

    I’m familiar with the GFCF diet, buy haven’t read much about hormone free meat for people with an autism spectrum disorder.

    Here’s an article I found about it:

  2. Dan D. Says:

  3. Dan D. Says:

    And is that an actual photo of White Castle puree? It looks like bean dip.

  4. Bill Burge Says:

    That is the dip proudly displayed on Ellie’s aunt’s table.

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