Predicting the James Beard Awards…Easier Than You Think?

James Beard AwardsTwo years ago I told you the James Beard Awards are actually pretty predictable.  Once a chef has made the short-list of five finalists for their region, unless they jump ship to another restaurant, or something crazy happens in or to their region, they’re probably going to continue moving forward each year until they’ve won.

In the past, ripples have been things like Grant Achatz opening Alinea.  Heralded as one of the best—if not the best—restaurants in the country, he bucked the typical trend and won quickly.  Another was that in 2007 they altered how the regions were broken up—most notably splitting Chicago out of the Midwest Region.

While I’d noticed both those things two years ago what I did not notice was that not a single nominee in 2007 had previously been nominated.  Graphing out the last four years of James Beard awards, while I can’t tell you who the new addition to the list will be, you’ve got to be feeling pretty good, right now, if your name is Colby Garrelts.

gif Version of the Finalist Chart |     PDF Version of the Finalist Chart

The Finalists…

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  1. Thinkin&Drinkin Says:

    Congrats to Gerald Craft, Kevin Nashan, Kevin Willmann, and Glenn Bardgett

  2. Gerard Craft Says:

    The bigger story here is that Bill Burge posted on STL BITES!

  3. Sally Jette Says:

    Enormously insightful thanks, I believe your current readers could quite possibly want further well written articles such as this carry on the good hard work.

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