Florissant’s Pearl Café Brings the Heat

Thai in the Hole at Pearl CafeIn search of an eating challenge that is about the heat rather than the gluttonous quantity a diner can cram down their gullet, I believe I have found the first heat-oriented eating challenge in St. Louis.

Still in its infancy, Florissant’s Pearl Café began posting pictures to its Facebook page last November in a gallery they call the Spicy Level 25 Plus Club.

As a regular, I’m surprised I hadn’t found out about this sooner.  In fact, I’d even suggested they start one in the past after stories of their Super Bowl specialty: ghost pepper hot-wings.

Speaking with owner, Tommy Truong, while dining last night, it seems the current record is actually a Spicy Level 100!  That diner called into work the next day so you’ll be happy to know it won’t take ousting him for you to get the Pearl Café nod of approval.  While a handful of customers seem to be battling it out—outdoing each other with each visit—it takes a mere 25 heat level to make the Facebook gallery.  It’s at 50+ the ghost peppers get involved, and Truong tells me they’re working on a t-shirt for the first customer that pulled the feat off which will appropriately read, Thai in the Hole.

My recommendation if you attempt this is to stray away from things like soups, curries, and noodles and go for a stir-fried dish of some sort instead.  Having had a spicy level five soup, it’s not the heat that gets you with a dish like that, it’s the fumes.

Hats off to those that have made the cut, and cheers to your following mornings.

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    I love Thai food. I also enjoy the different levels of spice.

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    Sounds delicious; I’m a big fan of spicy food even if it makes me cry. I read that spicy foods boost up your metabolism actually. My favorite are spicy curries.

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