Pho Long to Open Indochine in Old Pho Long Space

As Gut Check reported last week, St. Louis favorite Pho Long has relocated a few doors down in Jeffrey Plaza to the space formerly occupied by Indian Food.  As an addition, looking for a to-go menu last night, I noticed Pho Long’s Facebook page stated a new concept, Indochine would soon be opening.

When picking up my order I put on my old and rarely-seen sleuthing cap and discovered that Indochine will be a new restaurant opening in the former Pho Long space that will “offer more dry items.”  Though these include dry noodle offerings and “more rice dishes” the most notable item is that Indochine will be baking their own bread in house so that they can offer the freshest banh mi sandwiches in St. Louis.  They hope to open within three months and, after a lengthy conversation last night about the care that goes into making their beef broth at Pho Long (they were out and I had to order chicken pho for the first time), I imagine this will be a concept that pays off.

Also, of note, now that they have more space to work with, Pho Long will also look to expand their menu offerings.  No word on what those offerings will include other than the same “dry dishes”, but I cast my vote for bánh xèo.

I’ll call your canned hamburger…

bacon1and raise you canned bacon.

Having seen the canned hamburger over on Gut Check I was left wanting to get a look at what it would look like cracked fresh from the can instead of all gussied up with lettuce, tomato, onion, and cheese.

Having now seen canned bacon fresh from a can, I am terrified of what that might look like and have promptly discarded the thought from my mind.

while Anthony Bourdain said, “if you want to make people happy, give them bacon,” I really don’t think this is what he had in mind.

This will make no one happy, and the most frightening thing isn’t even that someone unwound a can of 20 year old canned bacon–it’s that they opened it to attempt to develop it all over again so they can prop it up next to their other hot sellers: Red Feather Canned Australian Cheddar Cheese and Red Feather New Zealand Canned Creamery Butter.

But then again, now that we have a source for canned hamburger, canned bacon, and canned cheese; and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen canned onions before; and there’s certainly canned tomato; all we need now is some canned lettuce and we can make an entirely can-sourced bacon cheeseburger.


Go check out the pictures if you dare.

Celebrity Canned Bacon Memorial Page [ via Dethroner]