How not to be a chump when buying knives

Forschner Bread Knife

Cruising in once again with useless kitchen information, I have a pretty strong opinion about knives. Mostly this is the result of people spending gobs of money on fully forged knives that aren’t chef’s knives. By my estimation that is the ultimate in kitchen waste, but before I go waxing on about all that, lets talk instead about a knife people either don’t own or get bamboozled on: the bread knife.

When I started culinary school I didn’t want the F.Dick knives that Forest Park was cramming down our impressionable throats. Sure they were German, sure they were fairly priced, but somehow I knew not to buy them. This turned out to be the right choice. While they do not dull quickly, they are rock hard knives and notoriously difficult to sharpen.

At the time (1996) Wüsthof Trident was the knife manufacturer that had become most popular for two reasons

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